My intent is to deliver unique creative solutions in any media that project ideas which represent the essential concepts to be communicated.

Graphic design, illustration, digital art, typography and artworking for brochures, annual reports, magazines, catalogues, newsletters, advertising, reports and bids, POS and POP, large format billboard and liveries.

Web design, development and programming [DHTML, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Javascript, XML, PHP and Flash action-scripting], UX design and banners - Flash and animated gif.


UI design and optimisation of graphics for the iPhone 3 and 4, Android phones and for HTML5 mobile applications.

Storyboarding, filming, animation, editing and authoring; DVD menu architecture with cover, label and inlay design.

Event, conference, exhibition and launch management, coordination and production, stage design, movie presentations, powerpoint presentations, interactive touchscreen presentations and bespoke merchandise.


Concept design and creation of all graphics for StreetSpark's website, iPhone 4 app and for their social media sites.
Available to download from the App Store. Click on the thumbnails to view some of the work produced.


Trainwreck’s new website is an intelligent design – any flash elements are swapped out and replaced by HTML5, so it will even work on an iPhone. Additionally, I have produced posters, booklets and reskinned their merchandise, forum and blog sites. Click on the thumbnails to view some of the work produced.



Varied services include design for online, design for print, an interactive flash newsletter, digital art creation, movie editing, after effects animation, original music composition, html emails, powerpoint templates, posters and illustrations. Click on the thumbnails to view some of the work produced.



Okay! It's fan art - what can I say? I like Doctor Who! However, the comic strip was produced for a wedding invitation, DVD case and wedding video intro; Grange Hill Style! My augmented version of the theme is here. And the TARDIS in Destroyed London image is a favourite of Jonathan Ross - see his endorsement!


An Edinburgh Fringe festival poster for the brilliant multi-skilled actress, singer, comedienne and voice artiste, Tara Flynn. And working with raw shots taken by the supremely talented celebrity photographer, Andy Hollingworth, how could I go wrong? Click on the thumbnails to see the poster and flyer.


Whilst writing a script for a pilot show, this dream sequence of Dave struggling to get to the surface manifested in my mind's eye. It now forms a major moment in the script and is used as part of the storyboard. Click on the thumbnails to see scenes from the storyboard.


I have provided a varied range of services for Perfectionist Projects including web elements, such as interactive flash navigation and HTML emails, printed brochures and calendars, brand development, technical illustration and artist impressions. Click on the thumbnails to view some of the work produced.


As you may have gathered by now, I am a 'little bit' of a science fiction fan. "Trelane's Travesty" is a firm favourite with fans of my work.


Icon design for the best comedy troupe in London (consisting of Tara Flynn, Brendan Dempsey, Michael Legge, John Voce, Tiernan Douieb, Rufus Hound and Kirsty Newton). Click on the thumbnails to see the posters. Click here for London Comedy Improv.


Commissioned digital artwork inspired by Stanley Kubrick/Arthur C Clark's '2001: A Space Odyssey'. Click on the thumbnails to see the artwork.


A typographic exercise which formed part of an awareness campaign, highlighting the plight of shelter charities in the UK.

I've played with many bands (Midwich Cuckoos, Hammond Scutt, Goatboy, Badcrumble, Underfox, Moot) and have produce artwork for gig posters, t-shirts and tapes, then CDs, then downloads. Click on the thumbnails to see some of the posters.

A brief history of the world's greatest bass guitar - my one - the Rickenbacker 4001.


Introductory spread from a document discussing the effects of anger and ways of controlling it. The lady in the photo is not quite as mad as she looks.

Get it? "Open University"? "Oh... pen, you need verse, said he"? Magazine advert for open learning courses.


Artistic styles for a graphic novel I am illustrating and co-writing. Click on the thumbnails to see some of the drafts.


Spread from a event programme for Portsmouth. Click on the thumbnail to see the whole spread.


A spread from a 32 page motorsport magazine. Designed, printed and delivered within 72 hours of each of the 12 rounds. Click on the thumbnail to view.

A spread from a 200 page catalogue. Photo direction, information management, design, production and print management were all required for this huge project. Click on the thumbnail to view some sample pages.
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